Defence Sprays and Attack Alarms for Self Defense

Defence Sprays and Attack Alarms for Self Defence


Personal Self Defence must be high up on  a preppers list of ‘must do’s’

Of course there’s more to it than just having a deterrent and I cover this whole subject in a full on Pepper Spray Alternatives here.  

Knowing how and when to use self defence methods such as a pepper spray alternative are essential in keeping you safe and away from potential danger.


Below is a range of the best personal UK Pepper Spray alternatives. These are legal to use in the UK and very necessary to have with you at all times. Again I refer to my full pepper spray alternative article and suggest you have a quick read as well for more insight into what these sprays offer.

It is also wise to ‘arm’ all members of the family with a legal form of self defence and teach them how to use the sprays and attack alarms responsibly.