Kindle Books for Prepping Survival Bushcraft

Kindle Books for Prepping Survival Bushcraft



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Prepping Guide: The Most Wanted Prepping Tips For Prepper Beginners: All The Newbie Prepper Facts That No One Else Will Tell You [Kindle Edition]

Book Description

15 Nov. 2014

Prepping is a vast subject that can be quite overwhelming for the newbie prepper.
This guide covers the vital information needed to ensure you make the best all round start and stick with it for the long haul.

The guide includes:
– What is a prepper anyway?
– Making a plan.
– Assess and review.
– Financial restrictions.
– Working on a budget.
– Gaining knowledge
– The three month mark.
– Working long term.
– The important decisions.
– Practice skills.
– Getting down to action.

Everything the newbie prepper needs to make a good, confident start into prepping and survival.

So grab your copy now and find out all the facts.

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