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Every prepper needs at least two knives in their bug out bag and survival kit – although you will find that anyone involved in prepping and bushcraft will have considerably more than just two knives..

This store page contains a range of knives that are more than capable of doing the job. Whether your looking for full on hunting knives or a small pocket knife, there’s something for you.


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A good, strong survival knife along with a strong hunting knife are the mainstays  - but remember your EDC and always include a UK legal pocket knife and carry it with you at all times.

Along with you pocket knife it’s well worth carrying a multi-tool knife, that way your covered for many eventualities.

If it’s something a bit special, then you can’t go far wrong with a Damascus blade knife, usually hand made. strong and a work of art.

Don’t get caught out without a Survival Knife or a Bushcraft Knife

In an emergency situation, any knife is a good knife, but buying a good quality survival knife or Bushcraft knife will increase your chances of surviving a disaster or doomsday scenario.

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*Remember, in the UK you cannot carry a knife with a fixed blade – the only type of knife that is allowed is a folding pocket knife, with a blade under 3″ long and that blade cannot be locked in position. This is the UK law.

Use you common sense when carrying a knife and don’t break the law – there are very harsh fines and imprisonment for not complying with these laws.